Fox Class

Adults in the classroom 

  • Class Teacher: Mrs Jennifer Witt 
  • Teaching Assistant: Mrs Nicola Sims 

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Witt. Best time to catch her is at the end of the school day. Alternatively, you can contact the school office to make an appointment or send any email correspondence to:

What do I need to bring to school?

Every day, you will need: your reading book and reading record; a named lunchbox (unless you would like hot lunches, in which case you will need to book them by Friday each week on Parent Mail for the following week.); water bottle; a healthy snack; wellies (if you want to play on the field) and a waterproof coat. You can also bring your own stationery, however this must be named and in a pencil case which is small enough to fit on the table. Please do not bring notebooks or additional paper/ Post-it notes as we have these in school. 

Year 6 need to bring their SATS revision books in daily. SATS club is after school on Tuesdays, 3:30 pm. Bring snacks!


PE is every Monday afternoon.  You need to wear your PE kit to school each time we have PE. Please ensure all uniform is named so that it can be returned if it becomes separated from its owner. 

PE uniform

  •        plain black or navy jumper and leggings 
  •        plain black or navy tracksuit bottoms or shorts depending on the season 
  •        there should be no logos on trousers or tops unless they are the school logos
  •        school socks (plain grey, black or white)
  •        trainers 
  •        plain white T-shirt or long sleeved shirt in the winter


In Year 6, children are expected to complete daily homework activities including:

  • Reading for at least 10 minutes for 5 times per week, which must be signed by an adult in the Reading Record
  • Times Tables practice for 10 minute, 5 times per week using TT Rockstars
  • Daily Spells practice  
    (Maths or English practice on Doodle Maths is optional, however, this can be requested.)

Please bring your reading record in every day. It will be checked on a Friday by Mrs Sims. If you have gaps in your reading record, a letter will go home to see if there is any help we can offer. If your Reading Record is missing on a Friday, there will be a stage consequence. 

Reading for pleasure and knowledge

We have a fabulous new Reading Spine beginning to fill our library corner in class. There are lots and lots of new books to choose from - 50 in fact! I wonder how many you can read over the course of this year? Can you spot any we have used in Writing, Guided Reading or Story Time?

How do we celebrate our children’s achievements?

Each week, we celebrate the hard work and efforts of all our children during Friday Celebration Worship. Over the course of the week, Teachers and TAs identify children who may fulfill one of the following criteria:

  • Star of the week – an all round super star around the school (one per class)
  • Maths Whizz – exceptional learning and or attitude in Maths (one per school)
  • English Star – exceptional learning and or attitude in English (one per school)

In addition, children help to identify others who have shown our school Christian values in action, in order to award one or two children with the term’s value award for the week per class.

Through our house system, all children, in every class can earn House Points for showing our values in action. The house that earns the most number of points each term receives a ‘House Reward’ which also includes donating a sum of money to charity.

Fox Class Curriculum Map Term 4


Book: Viking Boy by Tony Bradman
Theme: History and legend

In Guided Reading we:

  • Read for fluency to develop our speed, accuracy, prosody, and comprehension.
  • Closely read small sections of the text to further understand the characters, plot and setting.
  • Have book chat sessions where we discuss the book and other books we have previously read.
  • Take part in extended reads where longer sections of the book are read.
  • Complete assessment style questions.


Book stimulus: Riddle of the Runes by Janina Ramirez
Topic driver: Vikings
We are retelling part of the story with a focus on creating an atmosphere of tension.

Book stimulus: Viking Voyagers: Discover the Story of the Vikings by Jack Tite
We are writing a balanced argument discussing if the Vikings were invaders or settlers.


Spelling lessons will focus on investigations of spellings across associated words. There are also individual Focus Five spellings to practice in writing each week. These will come home on a fortnightly basis.


This term’s topics, following the White Rose Maths Scheme, will review, consolidate, and extend areas of mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem solving including:

  • Decimals
  • Measurement
  • Statistics

Religious Education (RE)

In RE we will be investigating the question: What did Jesus do to save human beings?


In Science we will be learning about Animals including Humans, with focus on the circulatory system, heart, diet and exercise. We will look at how nutrients and water are transported around the bodies of animals and humans. We will learn about the main parts of the circulatory system, and will recognise the impact of diet, exercise, and lifestyle on the way our bodies function.


We are learning about Invaders and Settlers. We are asking the question: who has made Britain their home? To answer this, we will investigate the Vikings, Romans, Anglo-Saxons and the Norman conquest.


We are creating artwork inspired by Gustav Klimt. We are learning to:

  • sketch, evaluate and improve our drawings
  • use symbolic imagery to share ideas and tell a story
  • review ideas and investigate gilding
  • develop techniques to create natural textures


We are learning about Data Handling in our unit: Big Data 1. We will learn:

  • how barcodes and QR code work
  • how infrared waves transmit data
  • to recognise the uses of RFID
  • how to gather and analyse data
  • how to analyse and evaluate data


Our unit this term is Healthy Me. We discussing:

  • Smoking, including vaping
  • Alcohol
  • Alcohol and anti-social behaviour
  • Emergency aid
  • Body image
  • Relationships with food
  • Healthy choices
  • Motivation and behaviour


We will be learning about Netball and Orienteering.


In French we will be learning to talk about dates.


We are looking at the song ‘You’ve got a Friend’.