Our Art curriculum aims to inspire passion in our children to express themselves in a creative, imaginative manner. Children are introduced to a range of works by famous artists in order to develop their knowledge of styles and extend their vocabulary. Our Art curriculum also enables children to develop and extend their proficiency in drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, textiles, print and digital media. Children will develop their skills to think critically about art, be reflective, and evaluate their own work. Through this, children will gain an understanding of how art shapes our history, contributes to our culture and has the ability to impact our future.


At Great Wishford we have produced a clear and comprehensive progression of skills as outlined in the National Curriculum. Our children will access key knowledge, language and meanings in order to understand and readily apply these to their creative works of art and across the wider curriculum. Where applicable links to art will be made to develop effective learning experiences. Art is taught in either short blocks or a longer block once each long term in order to allow the children to get the most out of their learning and produce creative pieces or projects they are proud of. The creative pieces or projects are intrinsically linked to important artists or movements and are time lined accordingly to give children the historical and wider world exposure. Skills and prior knowledge are built upon and revisited throughout the school and this enables children to develop a mastery approach to art.


Through our carefully structured curriculum and high quality teaching, children will retain knowledge about their focus artist or movement for each unit of work, remember their knowledge and understand how to use it and apply the skills demonstrated in their own creative and imaginative artwork. This will enable children to succeed and achieve their age related expectations. Children will ultimately understand what being an ‘artist’ means and how art shapes our history, contributes to our culture and has the ability to impact our future.

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Curriculum - Art & Design Date  
Art Map 05th Apr 2024 Download
Art and Design Knowledge and Skills Progression 05th Apr 2024 Download
Art Vocabulary Progression 20th May 2024 Download